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Maxam 2 Reviews 1987

Sometimes amazing coincidences turn up and the development of this program was the result of one. I had recently moved into a new flat in Croydon (South London) and was walking down the street when, after about 200 yards, I saw a little sign on a door saying "Arnor Software". I had just finished writing some utilities for the Amstrad CPC such as a lightning cassette tape loader and thought "what the heck". I took it in to show to Arnor and asked if they'd give me a job - and they did!
   I quickly found myself in my element when I was asked to write a disassembler and debugger called Maxam 2. Maxam 1 had been a huge seller for Arnor and was one of the main programming tools in the software development industry for that micro. But Maxam 2 was set to be even better. I also used my writing skills, that were honed from writing so many articles for computer magazines, to write the accompanying 155 page manual.
   So here you'll see comprehensive reviews from all of Amstrad Computer User, Amstrad Action and Computing With The Amstrad CPC, plus one from Popular Computing Weekly and another from a French computer magazine who's title I have forgotten.

Review 1 - Amstrad Action

Review 2 - Amstrad Computer User

Review 3 - Computing With The Amstrad CPC

Review 4 - Popular Computer Weekly

Review 5 - from a French Magazine