Don’t believe the latest statin hype

If you’ve read the news in the UK papers today about the risks of Statins allegedly being overstated, and that they actually “prevent at least 80,000 heart attacks and strokes in UK every year“, please be very, very wary because, although the group reporting this is part of Oxford University, it is actually funded by the pharmaceutical industry – basically it’s a research facility for the drugs companies – and none of the data has been made available to public scrutiny.

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How to quickly and safely adapt a Gear VR for glasses wearers

The Samsung Gear VR is an amazing device that has a giant flaw if you are a glasses wearer, in that the lenses cannot be independently focuses. This means that if you have different prescriptions in each eye you can only focus to a compromise between the two. The alternatives are to wear contact lenses or try to fit your lgasses under the VR, which is very uncomfortable and could sc ratch the lenses. However, with the simple, non-guarantee-breaking adaptation in this video, glasses wearers can obtain perfect results from your VR.

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Hilbert’s Infinite Hotel Paradox

Hilbert’s paradox of the Grand Hotel, or simply Hilbert’s hotel, is a thought experiment which illustrates a counterintuitive property of infinite sets. It is demonstrated that a fully occupied hotel with infinitely many rooms may still accommodate additional guests, even infinitely many of them, and that this process may be repeated infinitely often. The idea was introduced by David Hilbert in a 1924 lecture

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My “Learning PHP” book is now available in Polish

You can order a copy from

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Just how many laws have the EU made?

If you’re in the UK, don’t just think about the highlighted issues like immigration; take a moment to consider how thoroughly the EU rules our lives (to the extent that no-one in the EU even knows exactly how many laws they’ve made), and take that into account when you vote on June 23rd.

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