All four of my crash course books are free for 2 days!

To celebrate the release of my fourth Crash Course book, Robin Nixon’s PHP Crash Course, all four of the titles in the series are free on Amazon Kindle for the next two days. Whether you need to learn JavaScript, CSS/CSS3, PHP or HTML/HTML5 there’s a book for you, and you need no previous knowledge to read them!

Starting from the absolute basics, each of my crash courses teaches you everything you need to know about the subject it covers, without you needing to refer to any other information sources.

They are all packed with tried and tested, informative examples you can try for yourself, and modify to learn more. Plus each book contains plenty of figures and tables to accompany the text and illustrate exactly what’s going on.

To save you typing them in you can also download all the examples free from each book’s companion website. What’s more, for two days only  you can get all four books for free on Amazon Kindle – simply follow the relevant link below:

Update, Aug 1st: If you missed it, sorry, but the promo is now over. But keep coming back to be sure to catch the next one!

  • Chris B.

    Aww man I JUST missed this! :(