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Is grounding the cure for the modern malaise?

I’ve been looking into a strange phenomenon recently that promises to become a health revolution. Actually, it’s not so much of a cure, as a correction for a problem caused by modern living, in that over the last hundred or … Continue reading

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Don’t Believe The Net Carbs Fallacy

If you are on a low-carb diet and have been tempted by those brand name snack bars that state they are suitable for consumption on all phases of a low-carb diet, hold your resolve and think again, because it’s very … Continue reading

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Finally Achieving My Greatest Unattained Goal

I’m sorry I haven’t posted much recently, but I’ve been very busy working on a new project. As long-time readers may know, as well as having written a couple of dozen books on computing and web development I also write … Continue reading

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The effects on children of sugar and additives tested in real life

Do kids get hyperactive by eating too much sugar and junk food? Could it even contribute to problems with ADHD? Parents everywhere seem to believe it. But some experts claim that it’s a myth, although a large well-designed study published … Continue reading

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Tales from the Roboverse

We have always read to our children at bedtime, and (having five of them) it became a little tedious to keep re-reading Peter Pan or Snow White for the umpteenth time. So with our youngest daughter I began threatening to … Continue reading

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20 Marketing Techniques Guaranteed To Increase Your Sales

I’ve always been fascinated by advertising and marketing, and frequently ask myself just what is it that sells a product and makes me want to buy it? In fact I even used to buy books and magazines on the subject … Continue reading

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The Secret Cold Cure The Drug Companies Won’t Talk About

I’m sure you’ve heard about some of the benefits of vitamin D, which is a chemical that helps build strong bones (preventing rickets), and which is even included in milk in some countries due to the way vitamin D harnesses … Continue reading

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Prioritising Your Life and Maintaining a Positive Perspective Using The 80:20 Rule

Over the course of many years I’ve noticed the 80:20 rule come into play in so many different aspects of human life. For example, we all know that 1% of Americans own a staggering 35% of the country’s wealth, but … Continue reading

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A bit of binary banter

Somewhere out there, it may just be that an alien race chose binary as its primary number base. If so perhaps this race has names for each bit of a number, in the same way that we do for decimal … Continue reading

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Just change one small thing!

Making big changes in your life is hard. You know it. I know it. Everyone knows that making healthy changes such as quitting smoking, dieting, cutting down on alcohol consumption and so on, is downright hard. We’ve all tried to … Continue reading

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