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Lucid Dreaming Remains as Incredible as Ever For Me

I learned a little more about lucid dreaming last night, including a new way to become lucid, and what questions not to ask dream characters. Long time readers may know that I have been having lucid dreams for many years, … Continue reading

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What the heck were you thinking

Just this morning I stumbled onto a ‘news’ article at Mother Nature Network, innocently entitled About Water Stewardship, and whose first paragraph is as follows: “Inside every bottle of Coca-Cola is the story of a company that understands the priceless … Continue reading

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An Excerpt From Learning PHP, MySQL & JavaScript (Edition 4)

The 4th Edition of my book, Learning PHP, MySQL & JavaScript is now out, featuring tutorials on CSS, HTML5 and (in this new edition) the mysqli extension and a fully comprehensive introduction to jQuery, of which the following is just … Continue reading

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They Made The 70s: 10cc

The 1970s, was one of the most exciting periods in the history of popular music. Not only did it see the invention of disco and the roots of rap; hip hop, funk, glam & punk rock; smooth jazz, soul, and … Continue reading

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Is there another universe in the opposite direction of time?

What if the big bang also exploded backwards in time, and 26 billion years in the past, there is/was a whole other universe living in the opposite direction? The preceding has been my Twitter tag line for about a year, … Continue reading

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