I am proof that LCHF makes you thin and cures diabetes

Taking blood for a testWell, it’s almost exactly four months that I’ve been on a low carbohydrate, high fat diet and, after visiting the doctor today to get my latest blood test results, I want to share them and a few other statistics with you.

If you have ever tried a low carb / high fat diet you’ll guess what I’m likely to report. But if not (and especially if you also have a weight issue) please read on, because I am just one of many hundreds of thousands of people who are proof that Dr Atkins was right, and that the current surge in interest in LCHF (Low Carb High Fat) diets is justified.

Let’s talk about weight and size first. On June 30th this year I weighed 106 kilograms (about 234 pounds, or 16 stone 10 pounds). Today my weight is 92 kilos (about 203 pounds, or 14 stone 7 pounds). In this time I have also gone from a 46in (117cm) to a 38in (97cm) waist.

Now for the chemistry. At my last blood test a year ago my fasting blood sugar was 7.6 mmol/L, which (at over a value of 7) is past pre-diabetes and would normally be recognised as indicating actual type 2 diabetes. For some reason my doctor didn’t diagnose me as such, though, but just advised me to try and lose weight. Well, that’s what I’ve done, and today my level was 5.1 mmol/L, which is now well down into the normal, non-diabetic range. Also, my cholesterol levels had been 6.5 mmol/L (anything above 6.2 is considered high), but are now down to 5.7 mmol/L (borderline high). 5.2 mmol/L and below is considered healthy – I’ll be interested to see where I’m at next year.

So, by eating a diet of approximately 70% fat and 30% protein, with under 30 grams of carbohydrates daily from cheese, nuts, and leafy and salad vegetables, I have gone from being diabetic to non-diabetic, my weight is falling fast, and my cholesterol is almost back to a healthy level. And all of this is contrary to the advice given by organisations such as Diabetes UK or the UK Heart Foundation, which recommend a low fat diet, telling us that saturated fats especially cause raised cholesterol and heart disease, and to eat more ‘heart healthy’ carbohydrates such as bread, pasta and cereal. But I have been eating as much saturated and monounsaturated fat as I can, and try to avoid virtually all carbs and so-called ‘healthy’ polyunsaturated fat like the plague – and my blood levels show that this works.

So. As I said, I am yet more proof that this low fat, high carb eating advice is not just outdated, it’s downright harmful. Those organisations that continue to spout the same old mantra, far from being helpful, are a downright disgrace. They are part of the problem, and not the solution. If you give money to any charities that still insist we must eat that way, please donate it elsewhere until they correct their advice so that it will actually help people get healthier, rather than more unwell. Maybe that will make them sit up and listen.

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  • eatingAtkins.ie

    That is excellent and well done for blogging about it! The more the message gets out there that it is possible to control your diabetes fully through diet, then more people will hear about.
    I suspect that many many diabetics have no idea that this is possible? From what I’m told they are simply told to ‘eat healthy’ and lose weight but not told that this can completely control/reverse their diabetes. Although I doubt it could have that result if they are following a high carb diet not matter how low-fat it was..

  • http://robinnixon.com/ Robin Nixon

    Thanks! My background is mainly technical and computing but what I’m learning about how professionals such as dieticians have had it all wrong for so long is getting me more and more involved in looking into diet, nutrition and health as each day passes : )

  • eatingAtkins.ie

    My background is software engineering too and I started doing the exact same thing almost 3 years ago after doing the diet myself. Its actually evolved into a part time business (www.eatingAtkins.ie) and I’m helping others do the same thing now – v different from programming but really enjoy seeing the success stories.

    I’m particularly interested in diabetes – its not in my family or anything but I just think its a horrendous condition and from the sounds of it very preventable and even reversible if people knew to do low carb rather than low-fat. Am currently looking for someone that has diabetes – would love to help them to do what you’ve done (obviously under their doctors supervision also). And then would certainly be trying to get the word out about it. At least if a diabetic knows its possible they can decide whether they want to try it or not.

  • http://robinnixon.com/ Robin Nixon

    Sounds great. I’ve visited and bookmarked your website, which I’ll follow with interest.

  • http://www.stonehenge.com/merlyn/ Randal L. Schwartz

    My story is similar, but blood pressure being the trigger point, not diabetes: https://plus.google.com/105487854388646525021/posts/48f3EsxzoMa

  • Denise jones

    I am Type 2 diabetic, 54 years old and work as a health professional. Since being diagnosed 5 yrs ago my life has been so stressful because of it. Trying different meds and reacting badly to most of them. Still can’t get BS levels to within normal limits. I am 15 stone and 5ft 2ins so as you can see my weight plays a great part in all this. All the dietary advice I have received has been eat low fat and the ‘good’carbs. It is not working. For a while now I have been finding out as much as I can about low carb diets in relation to diabetics. I am particularly interested in Robin’s account and would like to be included in the information you have. As a health professional working in a clinical setting I am in a good position, if successful, to share the findings with the doctors that I work with.



  • June

    Hi. I find this so hard to stick too. However; when I do I feel great. I think I battle emotional eating and have to find ways to combat this issue.
    Thanks for sharing. It really is great to hear from someone who has nothing to gain from this kind of promotion.

  • http://robinnixon.com/ Robin Nixon

    I read the post you linked to. Well done! Isn’t it dreadful the utter nonsense that medical professionals have been telling us for so long? Still. More and more people like us are learning the truth, and it’s up to us to spread it.

  • Paul Buchanan

    Congratulations & well done. I’d be interested to know what you’ve done to increase your exercise regime too? http://www.teambloodglucose.com http://www.gbdoc.co.uk

  • Paul Buchanan

    Dear Denise, there are countless thousands of us who have managed and do manage our #diabetes with LCHF who have been ignored by HCPs because our ‘data’ is “anecdotal”…. join in with the Diabetes Online Community (#doc) http://www.gbdoc.co.uk

  • http://robinnixon.com/ Robin Nixon

    Thanks June. Good luck with keeping on trying.

  • http://robinnixon.com/ Robin Nixon

    Thanks June. Good luck with keeping on trying.

  • http://robinnixon.com/ Robin Nixon

    Hi Denise, you absolutely need to start on a low carb / high fat diet. You’ll be amazed once you do – don’t tell your doctor or other professionals if that worries you, just do it and tell them later once you see the great results.

  • http://robinnixon.com/ Robin Nixon

    Hi Denise, you absolutely need to start on a low carb / high fat diet. You’ll be amazed once you do – don’t tell your doctor or other professionals if that worries you, just do it and tell them later once you see the great results.

  • http://robinnixon.com/ Robin Nixon

    Thanks Paul. Just moderate to busy DIY tending to all the jobs that need doing around the house for now, but I may start swimming now I don’t look so huge :)

  • http://robinnixon.com/ Robin Nixon

    Thanks Paul. Just moderate to busy DIY tending to all the jobs that need doing around the house for now, but I may start swimming now I don’t look so huge :)

  • http://robinnixon.com/ Robin Nixon

    Yeah, your messages got caught in the spam for some reason, but I have unspammed them now. That page you linked to is very interesting.

  • judetk1

    Absolutely, I too am involved in health (nursing) was dx with type II diabetes, my medical peers were doubtful when I commenced the diet with one of them warning me re harmful fat intake. Now I have lost 17kg they are paying attention to my lunch contents each day, marveling.

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  • pgreen6840

    Thanks for such a wonderful and informative site ! I am amazed at how many people when starting LCHF have the weight drop ! Yet, for me I have been on a Atkins type LCHF diet for 10 weeks and have NOT seen much weight loss. I do aim for 25grams of carbs daily ( vegs ), no wheat at all, I use coconut oil and butter for cooking and try to eat eggs( 2) cheese ( 3 oz) meat about 8 ounces a day. With plenty of water.The other side of the coin is; my pants went from 48 to 46 and soon 44. My cravings for carbs are gone, my sense of calm and serenity are much improved. I must add I am a type 2 diabetic on metformin and actos.I have watched my blood glucose stay between 97and 110 most of the day. These are wonderful signs of progress and pro-diet results. Yet, why hasn’t the weight dropped ( maybe 3 lbs in total ! ) Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

  • http://robinnixon.com/ Robin Nixon

    Well done on your new diet! The fact that you have lost 4 inches on your waist shows you are losing body fat, just not the weight. The most important thing to lose is the visceral fat in your organs, which a LCHF diet will do. Any other fat is an annoyance but not health-damaging. Perhaps you are replacing some fat with muscle, which is heavier. So at least things are happening, and weight loss should follow at some point. Everyone gets plateaus, and perhaps your first one is right at the start.

  • Just Sayin’

    There are a few things about an Atkin’s style diet that most people should know about (and generally don’t know).

    First and foremost, LC diets may leave you short in come minerals and vitamins which come from different sources. As such, it is generally recommended to take a multivitamin while dieting, as it can help you be both more balanced, and also actually help your body process out stored fat more efficiently. Your doctor may suggest only certain vitamins instead of a mutlivitamin, but a good general purpose multi can really help you out.

    Second, watch out for fiber deprivation. As many of the things that are acceptable in an LC diet are not particularly high in fiber, you often need to supplement. Generally the best thing you can use is ground flaxseend, which you can add into everything from salad dressing to mixing into soups and ground meats, all without adding too much flavor. While flaxseed is high in carbs, it is almost equally high in fiber which makes it very useful. A teaspoon or so a day can go a very long way to avoiding constipation, and can also help your body to process in general, all positive.

    Third, much of the reduction in blood sugar levels in most people has to do with stopping consuming products which contain high fructose corn syrup, which is becoming a more and more common ingredient in everything from soda to various prepared foods. Even without Atkins LC style diet, just breaking that addiction to sugars especially HFCS will go a long way to resolving issues.

    Please note: I am living the LC life, but with experience to know that there are pitfalls, just like any other diet that limits your intake in some way.

  • Anonymous

    I too an a type 2 diabetic. I lost weight and then stalled. By doing LCHF, I am off all blood sugar medications. But to restart my weight loss, I did a fat fast. Do a Google or Bing search for it. Dr. Atkins recommended a three day fat fast to break through weight loss plateaus.

    I dropped almost 7 lbs this week and now am off the fast. The weight is slowly dropping. My recommendation is to wait for a couple months and see if the weight drops. If your dimensions continue dropping, wait more. Once your size is not changing and weight loss is not happening, try a fat fast as a jump start.

  • Anonymous

    Some people do fine with little fiber on LCHF and others need to supplement. I add psyllium husk capsules and a raw food multivitamin to my regimen (75-85% fat, moderate protein, less than 18 grams carbohydrates a day from greens and a few nuts).

    Your points are valid and anyone starting a LCHF journey should take your advice seriously.

  • Antje

    It is quiet often, that your bodycomposition changes. You are loosing bodyfat, while ypu gain more muscles.

  • LosingItAll

    Since I have started LCHF my blood sugar level has been very low–today it was 50 and it rarely goes above 63. I have been on LCHF since February of this year. I have very low energy and feel weak quite often. I have lost about 15 lbs. but still need to lose about 90 more. If I eat more carbs I go out of ketosis! Should I try to tough this out?
    Exercise seems to help. What does this mean?

  • http://robinnixon.com/ Robin Nixon

    Normally, once your body acclimatizes, you feel an energy boost on low carb. But you have to be eating sufficient fat to give you energy. Whenever I feel low on energy I have a handful of nuts or a slice of cheese. In the mornings I have a bullet proof coffee (Google it if you haven’t come across it) which gives me a kick start. Also do make sure you are getting all the vitamins and minerals you need, with plenty of leafy green vegetables, and consider taking a daily vitamin supplement. Make sure you are drinking a good amount of water and if you don’t have much salt you should increase it because low carb diets wash it from your system. You also need to ensure you are getting the right amount of sleep, and that you are getting at least some exercise such as a brisk walk every day. If you do these things you should start to settle in a bit more.

  • James
  • Terri

    Hi. I also struggle with emotional eating. This diet is working EXTREMELY WELL to reduce blood sugar and lose weight when I stick to it. I got some great recipes from Maria Emmerich’s web site http://mariamindbodyhealth.com/. That helped me to have some sweet treats that won’t spike my blood sugar or stall my weight loss (2 favourites: Keto fudge, and flourless chocolate torte). For emotional eating: try The Sedona Method. Good luck – just keep getting back on the wagon :-)

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    [...] I am proof that LCHF makes you thin and cures diabetes [...]

  • Louise Corrans

    Great to hear MORE proof. The outdated low-fat thing is getting really old and tired now.

  • Hillary Whyte

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  • Ale M

    Hi, I’ve been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 3 years ago and I see it progress all the time, I’ve tried everything, the last thing was Low carb High protein, lost 6 lbs in a week but the blood sugar was still high, I’m having a hard time controlling it, I started this morning with a fatty frittata. Can’t wait to see weight loss and normal blood sugar range but most of all get off medications! :)

  • Anthony Williams

    Maybe you should try intermitted fasting with LCHF.

  • mariaburgos

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  • Maile Dudemeister

    Ale, if you’re eating low carb high protein your blood sugar will still be out of control because too much protein will do that. Stick with low carb, moderate protein and high fat. There are plenty of websites to help figure out how much of each to eat. Good luck!

  • Williams Jeffrey

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  • http://viviendolavidagrasosa.wordpress.com Compa Fidel Herrera Reyes

    I have the same experience as you, I had Diabetes 2 and as long as my diet is LCHF under 20 grams of Carbs my Diabetes is not there so why eat what is bad for me, no reason so I consider my self cured

  • Richard

    The proof of being healthy is lacking in the stated numbers for blood test. Losing weight is easy but being healthy long term is my goal.