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  • jonesball14 ball

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  • Katpal

    Hi Robin,
    I have been studying your ‘Learning php, mysql and javascript” book for the past month now and I ‘ve found it an excellent source for technical and non-technical people to learn the combination of these technologies.
    I have a technical question in regards to sessions.(pp292 – first edition)
    Example authenticate2.php links to continue.php where- if a user reloads page the session is destroyed.
    There is also a link to go back to the login page to log in again.
    However when clicked to go back, the user is still logged in.

    Shouldn’t the session be destroyed and so that the user would have to log back-in again?

  • Robin Nixon

    I’m glad the book is proving useful to you. I note that there is an errata for that page which you can read here: – it should answer your question (and you may find the other errata useful too).

    If I can be of any further help please feel free to email me at

  • Katpal

    Thank you for responding.
    Sure it did fix the header error but my question is somewhat different:
    When the user goes back to the login page (authenticate2.php) should he be still logged in or not? My user remains logged in.

    I did not find any information in regards this problem in page 292.

    Thank you very much,

  • DaveP

    Hello Robin. Thanks for your book, “Learning PHP, MySQL, JavaScript & CSS”. I have a basic grasp of HTML and this looks to be an excellent stepping stone for me. Can you direct me to an info source on getting Netbeans and Zend to work together? I’ve spent a couple of weekends trying to get my PHP “Hello World” message to output on Chrome. I did follow the new chapter 2 on your book’s website, probably missed something simple though. I’m drowning in the Zend and Netbeans help files, as it appears I need massive references in my include files. But being a newbie, I don’t know what I’m looking at. I’m sitting in the middle of Nebraska and have no gurus nearby to pester. So I figured I’d go to the teacher. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • Alex

    Hello Robin. Thanks for your book, “Learning PHP, MySQL, JavaScript & CSS”.One question.How to block the display of errors in the field is not filled in the form.Thanks.

  • MikeC

    What’s changed between the just published 3rd edition and the soon to be published 4th ed of “Learning PHP, MySQL, JavaScript & CSS”? The ToC looks the same etc.

  • Robin Nixon

    Hi Mike, Ed 4 has a whole new primer on jQuery and replaces all discussion of mysql with mysqli — plus all the errata from the previous edition are updated.