Tales from the Roboverse

We have always read to our children at bedtime, and (having five of them) it became a little tedious to keep re-reading Peter Pan or Snow White for the umpteenth time.

So with our youngest daughter I began threatening to tell stories about robots instead of princes and princesses, and eventually couldn’t help myself making good on the promise.

To my surprise she absolutely loved the twisted robo-fairy tales I came up with, and I seem to have struck a nerve with these stories about a robot universe, as she keeps asking for more. So I’ve started writing them down, and recording them on CD so she can play the stories for herself anytime.

I thought I’d also upload them to the web so that other children who might enjoy a new take on the old fairy tales can listen too. So here are the first five, which follow a sort of logical order. You should be able to get a clue as to their contents from the titles, although you may not expect the endings!

(Content & Recordings: All rights reserved, © Robin Nixon 2013)

If you do play any of these for your children please let me know how you get on and I’ll post some more when they are ready.

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